Retirement Plan Playbook

Helping Aging Parents With Finances (Ep.74)

September 1, 2022

How do we talk to our parents about their finances? 


Asking questions related to money can be difficult even if it's your own family, but it shouldn't be. At a certain point, we are most likely going to be in charge of our parents' money and making financial decisions for them. So, what do you think is the ideal age to start this conversation with your parents?


In this episode, Matthew Theal, Brent Pasqua, and Joshua Winterswyk explain the several things we should know about our parents' finances to help them in the future.


Matthew, Brent, and Joshua discuss:


  • The meaning of a sandwich generation
  • Understanding your parents’ income and expenses
  • The legal and financial information you need access to
  • What to do if your parents are refusing help with their finances
  • And more





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