Retirement Plan Playbook

What It Means To Be A Fiduciary (Ep.72)

August 4, 2022

The word “fiduciary” gets tossed around a lot in the financial advising industry.


So what does it actually mean and what difference do they make in your financial planning process?


In this episode, Matthew Theal, Brent Pasqua and Joshua Winterswyk discuss what the difference is between a fee-only financial advisor and all other financial advisors and what value a fiduciary fee only financial advisor can add to your financial planning process.


Matthew, Brent, and Joshua discuss: 


  • What a fiduciary is and how they can help you in your financial journey
  • The different ways financial advisors get paid and which method better suits you
  • Why RPA Wealth Management switched from commission to fee-based revenue and how it benefits you
  • Why the meaning of fiduciary has become skewed and how you can be sure you are working with a real one
  • And more





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